Patio retractable Roof

The glass or polycarbonate retractable roof is the best choice as the patio roof , which provides modern and new features for respectable customers. Full automatic structure frame of the patio ceiling is composed of aluminum frame and the thickness of the weight and customer’s request depends.

Advantages of movable patio ceiling:

The auto-moving roof of the patio is easily opened and closed by remote control and in addition to the beauty of the ventilated air conditioner when opening and full insulation during the closing time and in many ways reduces the cost of manufacturing and prohibitions.

The patio electric ceiling can be provided with a glass ceiling canopy that will easily and by tapping a key to prevent direct sunshine or visibility from the top, and even look like an indoor room to your patio .

The first structure of the manufacturer of glass and polycarbonate ceilings with the engineering team and its technical knowledge designed and implemented the best animation structure for your space.

Patio Moving Roof Price:

The price of the movable patio ceiling is based on the selected material, which is from glass or polycarbonate and the need for space deployment for ceiling, to issue pre-invoice and free consultation contact us.


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